iSuppli Analysts Predict Windows Phone Will Overtake iOS By 2015

Well, to all of you that own a Windows Phone and know how big the recent Nokia Windows Phone releases have been, they will have a big effect in the future coming up to 2015. According to iSuppli analysts, the Windows Phone operating system will no doubt increase in the coming years, and come 2015 will overtake Apple’s iOS  in Market Share Ranking. As we have clearly realized, Nokia has come into the Windows Phone world full force, with the Lumia 900 being one of the most elegant devices we have ever seen. Although the Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and other Nokia Windows Phone devices are still coming, the Lumia 900 is the leading device at the moment. The Lumia 900 is the prime example on behalf of Nokia Corp. that they are ready to take back their place in the smartphone world, with Microsoft at their side and Windows Phone their operating system.

Nokia and Microsoft together are a huge powerhouse, based on real information and the quick success of already released Windows Phones, iSuppli is resting on their prediction that Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iOS by 2015.

“One of the hottest new products unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show was the Lumia 900, a Windows Phone-based smartphone sporting a flashy set of features that makes it competitive with the best alternatives offered by the Android camp,” said Wayne Lam, senior analyst for wireless communications at IHS. “This hot product represents Nokia’s first step to reclaim its market share. Combined with Nokia’s efforts to drive the development of the Windows Phone ecosystem, the Lumia 900 and its successors will help Microsoft to reclaim its No. 2 ranking in smartphone operating system market share in 2015.”

Thus far, Nokia is focusing on the North American smartphone market to build their market share back up. With all Nokia Windows Phone devices released so far already supporting LTE in North America and available on networks such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Rogers and more, Nokia is depending on one of the biggest markets for smartphones. Nokia is still expanding into Europe, but analysts expect all Nokia devices to release in North America initially (as they already have), to gauge customer satisfaction and capture the primary market first.

iSuppli predicts Nokia seeks to also be the dominant market when it comes to Microsoft OS-based handsets, planning to capture 50% of the Windows Phone market in 2012 alone. So far, Nokia has done a great job releasing some great devices which have sold quickly in all countries currently available. Other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and LG have hardly pushed out products as superb and quickly as Nokia has in the past couple months alone. Samsung, HTC, LG and others have to remind the Windows Phone market that they are still on board and should push out some more devices. iSuppli does also predict that other manufacturers will do just that and push out more devices, where by 2014 Nokia’s then 62% Windows Phone market share will have dropped due to other Windows Phone internal competition growing (Samsung, HTC, etc.).

Nokia is not only determined to push Windows Phone to the maximum potential, but will also drive other Windows Phone manufacturers to do the same if they want to hold their names in the Windows Phone market. Way to go, Nokia!

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