Is The Zune Dead?

It’s been circling the drain for a while now, but is this the final demise for the Zune? Bloomberg’s Diana Bass believes so, at least in hardware format. In a tweet, she said:

Microsoft won’t produce any more new models of the Zune video/music player hardware, a source tell us.

ContinuingĀ on to say:

Instead Microsoft will focus on the Zune software that’s used on Windows Phones, Xbox and other devices.

So Microsoft officially declined to comment on new Zune hardware and said the strategy is focused on the whole Zune ecosystem.

Bloomberg has now put up an article to that effect, though there’s no word yet from Microsoft on the matter.


  1. Christopher Meinck says

    Not surprising based upon some quotes from Thurrott. Does something replace it? Will they create a Windows Phone 7 minus the phone part?

    Zune HD was so underrated. Absolutely love mine and will look to grab a 64GB before they go away.

  2. Tom Stack says

    To bad, this is an amazing device, unfortuantly Microsoft failed with it in two big ways, 1) marketing, 2) lack of apps. I personally don’t care about apps on a music player other than maybe having just a few games, but to many people thats a big selling point and the fact that MS did not open up the Zune app store was a huge failure.

    Too bad the terga chipset is powerful the device iteself it beatiful.

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