Huawei Seeking Microsoft Windows Phone Partnership

In an interview with, Victor Xu, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Huawei, revealed that they are actively working to establish a partnership with Microsoft. The partnership talk also includes the possibility of integrating NFC technology into devices. At the moment, Huawei is launching their first high-end smartphone later this year. The smartphone is Android based and is called Vision, which features a unique custom 3D interface created by Huawei. says the phone resembles the HTC Desire S on first impressions. That gives us an idea of what a Windows Phone device may look like from Huawei in the future.

Huawei sees the UK as their road to become one of the world’s top five manufacturers, and the partnership talk with Microsoft involves getting to that top five with Windows Phone devices. Xu says that NFC is going to take off this year and integrating it into devices is a small cost. Huawei is also looking at building cloud-based devices, which will be cheaper and use the cloud service as main storage leaving the device hardware to basic components only, such as the CPU. Huawei has a background in networking and telecoms as well and are working with operators to provide better mobile internet. Xu has the idea of teaming up with networks to provide “guaranteed faster mobile internet service at a premium price.”

If Microsoft wants our opinion, we say take this partnership right away. If Huawei is as dedicated as Victor Xu exclaims then it is a company Microsoft definitely wants, especially with a focus in the UK market.

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