HTC Hub To Blame For Phantom Data Draw?

Now that accusations have started to fly that it’s a third party app that’s downloading too much data, some people have undertaken the task to identify it themselves, and one possible culprit is the HTC Hub.

Windows MVP, Mike Halsey analyzed its usage with an app that checks data usage in real time, courtesy of Orange UK.

Before going to bed last night I switched in the HTC Hub Live Tile and set it to automatically download weather data every 3 hours.  The only other thing running here to poll the Internet was my email which, as I’ve said, uses almost no data.
At the time of going to bed my data usage was showing at 6Mb for the month, which is nothing really.  Upon waking this morning however I discovered that data usage had shot up to 18Mb, an extra usage of a whole 12Mb during the night.
So if you’re experiencing phantom data pains, try unpinning HTC Hub, and see if that gets rid of the problem.
[via PocketNow]


  1. Omz9 says

    Can any one please ask the Microsoft why they dropped the ball so bad? Annnnnnnnd also that a MS feature phone from Microsoft maybe called the Matrix and may be one called the VOLE, and VOLE POD short for Zune with awesome features like kin studios and skydrive and remote pc access like that vail app thing that was recently launched. And to not give Apple any heat over the App Store thing just call it . Cool Beans Yo !

    And then I woke up and where am I ….

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