Fruit Ninja Joins The $0.99 Roster Of Xbox LIVE Games On Windows Phone

Fruit Ninja now joins the ranks of some of the best Xbox LIVE games on the Windows Phone that have received a permanent price cut, all the way down to $0.99. Fruit Ninja had an original price of $2.99 since release, but now with competition (Angry Birds and others) lowering their prices to only $0.99, Fruit Ninja will join the ranks.

According to sources, the price cut decision on Fruit Ninja was by developer Halfbrick Studios for the same reason just mentioned, competitive pricing. By competitive pricing, it doesn’t just mean in regards to other great Windows Phone games, but pricing on other platforms where some of the same games are available.

With this addition of Fruit Ninja to the $0.99 Xbox LIVE games roster, there are now 11 Xbox LIVE games that have received this permanent price cut in the past few weeks. First it was the ‘Easter special’ seven games, then the recent trio, and now Fruit Ninja. Will it ever end? We hope not, keep the price cuts coming Microsoft/developers!

Download Link: Fruit Ninja

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