Crimson Dragon: Side Story now available on Windows Phone Marketplace

Yet another Xbox 360 Xbox LIVE Arcade title makes it to the Windows Phone this week. This time, the Windows Phone version of Crimson Dragon is now available to download (and purchase), titled Crimson Dragon: Side Story. Overall, the Crimson Dragon games are a nod to SEGA’s Panzer Dragoon franchise. With the Windows Phone version of the game, as the title implies, you experience all the dragon-fighting action as a horizontal side-scrolling shooter.

With the momentary play time we had with this game, we can tell you that it is very well developed on the Windows Phone. It features quick menus and loading screens, once you are in the play area within the game the layout for customization and power-ups is also very nice. We took Crimson Dragon: Side Story for a run on a Samsung Focus Windows Phone. And, although the focus isn’t the best Windows Phone available right now, the game ran perfectly smooth, no hiccups.

Another nice thing that Crimson Dragon: Side Story brings with it on the Windows Phone is Avatar Awards. With that said, we will try and close off this post as soon as possible because, yes, this game will be difficult to put down. So, if you haven’t downloaded it already and are still reading, we have the quick information to close up.

Crimson Dragon: Side Story is published on the Windows Phone by Microsoft Studios, at version, and a download size of 205 MB. Supported languages are the following: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, 한국어, and 日本語. This is an Xbox LIVE title, in case you forgot, so you can always download the free trial version first. If you enjoy Crimson Dragon on your Windows Phone, it will cost youonly $0.99 to purchase the full dragon glory.

Download Link: Crimson Dragon: Side Story

Publisher’s Description

Set on the mysterious planet Draco, “Crimson Dragon: Side Story” is a shooter in which you control dragons to defeat enemies. Use touch controls to pilot your dragon and target enemies–it’s a perfect match for your Windows Phone 7! Breed new controllable dragons, level up through repeated play, and choose from more than 170 skills to customize their attacks. Begin your journey on Draco today!


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