Chris Walsh Runs Through WP7.1 Features

Chris Walsh, one of the guys behind ChevronWP7, has been chatting to the WP7 team for a couple of days now, and has put up a blog post about the new features expected in the update to Windows Phone 7. Assumedly Windows Phone 7.1, codenamed NoDo, will definitely bring copy and paste as well as speed improvements to the platform. Walsh points out that one of the limitations of copy and paste is where it can be used:

The biggest [caveat] being, copy and paste is ONLY supported on the textbox control in 3rd party apps.  When I say supported, I’m talking about the OS automagically recognising the input control and giving the user the fancy text selection picker with a “copy” button.

One issue I have noticed though is certain apps don’t actually use the textbox to render read-only text.  For example, the Twitter for Windows Phone app, when you’ve clicked on a tweet to either view it or click on a link, the text isn”t rendered in a TextBox control.  Unfortunately you’re not going to get copy & paste there. The simple fix is to change to a textbox control for scenarios where a user might need to copy some text into the clipboard but it requires some effort from application developers.

He also talks about the significant speed boost for launching apps, and the death of Chevron.


  1. Joel Garrard says

    Yes, how bout ringtones? Also can someone, anyone, tell us more specifically when we can expect to receive this first update? Maybe something a little less vague than Jan/Feb.. How bout a date MS? Please don’t make me go back to the lame Android.. Impatiently waiting…..

  2. ewizzle says

    Cut and paste is such a minor issue for me… there are many other features that should be added first. I love my Focus, and it is a big upgrade from my iphone 1G, but it had a few things that I”m missing on WP7. And there are a few more I’d still like to see…

    1. Customizable ring tones? Duh…
    2. More fluid app/media search
    3. Downloadable podcasts… um… really not an option?
    4. Data usage download limits – killed my monthly usage with one app download error in non-wifi location… are you kidding?
    5. App folders to prevent endless scrolling
    6. Contact folders/organizer
    7. Favorite Contact lists (3rd apps available, but they are pretty week…
    8. Most customization on the home screen…. colors, 3 titles on a row…

    Can we add these too? copy and paste is beyond over hyped!!!

  3. Emilio says

    What a notoriously poor operating system this appears to be.

    Granted, I was impressed by the visual aspect of my Samsung Omnia 7 paired kindly with windows phone 7, but its just missing so much…

    Its a shame that no-one has managed to crack this Omnia to support Android yet because this OS is far behind android.

    I see my dads Galaxy S and it is just a remarkable phone…i really should’ve got my hands on a nice powerful android based monster like the Galaxy, it just does everything I want, and quick…

    Unlike my Omnia 7 powerhouse, locked down by the pure inoperability of an incomplete, mildly feature packed windows phone OS…

    I hope Microsoft reads this comment because im just shocked at how mediocre this operating system is… It truly is far far behind.

    Applications for example, my arse could produce nicer applications, they are just cheap and tacky and once again, they feel unfinished and mild…i feel locked down by windows phone 7, the sheer obscurity of having to have to think twice before doing something with it…a few taps on a Galaxy S and away i go…I’ve got what i want, fast.

    Entice me with this update Microsoft, please.

    Connectivity is another issue, what the bollocks is all that Zune shit about? I don’t want to have to synchronise my phone over and over to get a song or 2…i want to be able to point my open source browser towards an mp3 hosting site and download it with my rediculously fast HSDPA connection…oh wait, I forgot I have a windows phone, I thought I was with android for a minute there, because the Galaxy S lets me do that.

    More connectivity issues…no ability to send pictures or files through Bluetooth…i didn’t want my windows phone to be like an awfully common iPhone with all this synchronising shit, but no, microshaft took a pointless idea and made it difficult.

    Xbox live? I’ve got a PS3…keep in mind a much better console. 1 Point more for Sony.

    Facebook application is nice, well done Facebook :). Runs smooth too!

    £2.59 for a widescreen, poor framerate version of fruit ninja…available on the shitPhone4 for 49p? Microsoft you bastard, you need to clean up your act and gear this operating system to your actual target market…or at least set a target first…for geeks, like myself I will admit :D.

    Wireless tethering…a feature that I was blown away by with the Galaxy S. Simple ability to host the phone as a WiFi access point and use your devices properly when your internet goes down, like mine does…all the time. But wait…i can tether with my windows phone 7…via Zune…with a diagnosis tool…and having to restart my phone…still not wirelessly. Sigh.

    Now on the Galaxy S, I can get it to act as a mobile access point, and even my PS3 finds it…i can play black ops, online, via a 3g network with an Android phones HSDPA connection but not my windows phone…

    Yeah that’s right Internet Explorer, when I rotate my screen I don’t want to see my address bar at the top…i want to tilt it again to type an address, then tilt the opposite direction once more…classy.

    How about yellow as a tile colour too?…not to forgot the silly glitch that enables the screen to be locked but still allow the ‘search’ and ‘back’ buttons on the phone to still vibrate…

    I suppose one good thing has come out of this phone, it sure as hell looks sexy…like a velvet tablet…yum :D

    To conclude, I give windows phone 7 a nice 2 out of 10.

    Give me more to play with Microshaft.

  4. bobbin says

    this better not be it. i heard they are combining both updates into one since they back up the first, if this is true and this is the extent of it for those who dont even develop, PLUS im currently stuck with 8 gigs of space bc MS cant figure or compatitble SD cards im livid.

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