Shoot 1UP now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


As one of the few games expected since August 2011, and one year later, Shoot 1UP is now available for download on the Windows Phone Marketplace. From the quick run we took with the game, it definitely provides plenty of quick and hectic action at the tip of your fingers. The gameplay works great, including the fact that in Shoot 1UP you rely on the amount of ships you have … [Read more...]

Application updates and downloads on hold after Windows Phone Marketplace issues arise


Last week we saw the release of Sallys Spa on the Windows Phone Marketplace, but little did we know that a week-long app update/download issue would follow. If you noticed, last week there was apparently no Deal of the Week, and we will assume that is due to the recent Windows Phone Marketplace issue preventing about 100,000 applications from downloading/updating. To name a … [Read more...]

Leaked Nokia document reveals feature-by-feature difference between Windows Phone 7.8/8

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 7.28.13 PM

A leaked Nokia document obtained by Smartphone France┬áspecifies the feature differences between Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8. Both versions are due in the coming months; Windows Phone 7.8 will be available to current Windows Phone 7(7.5) devices while Windows Phone 8 will bring a new generation of devices. From the look of the document and the way it is formatted, … [Read more...]

Sallys Spa now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


Better late than never! This week it seems Microsoft decided to take it real slow and release Sallys Spa on the Windows Phone Marketplace a day late. Regardless, if you were anxiously waiting to for the frantic spa-rendition of the famous "Sallys" lineup, you can download it now. Hopefully this was part of the reason for the weird delay, but the price of Sallys Spa on the … [Read more...]

Deal of the Week: Need for Speed Undercover on sale for $2.99


Stopping by this week as the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week on the Windows Phone, Need for Speed Undercover is on sale for $2.99. This Deal of the Week sale price will only last until next Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The regular price of Need for Speed Undercover is $4.99, you save $2.00 off with the Deal of the Week which is a great price for this Xbox LIVE game on the Windows … [Read more...]