Going Subscriber-Only, Except for Microsoft Devices

Last.fmsubonly just announced via their blog that "will become an ad-free, subscriber-only feature." Radio will remain free on the website in the US, UK and Germany and for the US and UK users of Xbox Live and Windows Mobile 7 phones. We’ll also continue to offer radio for free via the desktop app. Looks like is one of the first companies … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Insider now “Inside” your Windows Phone 7


Microsoft Corporation has released another application into the WP7 marketplace just a few hours ago. The application is called Windows Phone Insider,  based off of the very popular website. The application is a must have for beginners and even for more advanced users of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Windows Phone Insider provides Bing wallpapers, plenty of … [Read more...]

Chicks’n’Vixens goes Version 0.6 (More like 0.5)

Earlier this week we posted news about an Angry Birds look alike WP7 game being released as a beta. Just now a new version (0.6) has finalized, and it is available in the marketplace. By the way, this new version isn't necessarily an update, but has been published as a new game titled "Chicks'n'Vixens Beta". The original application, from the same developer we posted about … [Read more...]

Flickr for Windows Phone 7 Now Available

If you haven't noticed yet (Flickr hasn't done much of an official release announcement yet either), the official Flickr application is now available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. If you don't know what Flickr is it's a great photo sharing service from Yahoo where many photo aficionados can share their best shots, rate, comment, and more. You don't need a Yahoo account to … [Read more...]