Screen Capture Homebrew Application, Now Available

Originally, I was slightly disappointed that my first Windows Phone device didn't have the ability to take screen captures. Many people were in fact; the ability to do screen captures is a much desired feature, in particular for app reviewers. Now, thanks to fiinix over at the XDA-Developer forums, Windows Phone can now take screen captures via this homebrew application. It … [Read more...]

Multitasking on Windows Phone with Multitask7 (Homebrew)

Jaxbot over at Windows Phone Hacker, the same person who discovered the "Dehydration hack", has taken it a step further and is developing an application called "Multitask7". An application which adds multitasking capabilities to Windows Phone, something that won't be possible for third party applications until the Mango update. … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Receives a Benchmark Application, WP Bench

WP Bench is exactly what the name suggests, a benchmarking application. It is the first and only one available for Windows Phone 7 and despite having zero competition, it is quite good. For the most part, phones will all have similar benchmarks as all the WP7 devices have similar specifications. The video above from WPCentral, shows the benchmark running on the Focus, Quantum … [Read more...]

Focus Receives NoDo, Just Not on AT&T

Photo Credit: MobileSyrup

While AT&T Focus users are going to have to wait a little while longer for the official update, it plays out differently in Canada. Rogers has pushed out the NoDo update for the Samsung Focus. In fact, the majority of carriers around the world have. If we look at the international NoDo update status page, the majority of updates are being delivered now. It is only in the … [Read more...]

Joe Belfiore, Windows Phone VP talks Windows Phone

While we don't learn anything new in this video, it is good to see them chatting about updates, what is involved in making the updates happen as well as other things revolving around Windows Phone. Channel 9, which is composed of Microsoft's own people, clearly would reveal any information Microsoft had not already told us. If anything is to be taken away from this video, it is … [Read more...]