AT&T to begin taking Windows Phone 8 pre-orders on October 21st

AT&T will begin taking pre-orders on its entire lineup of Windows Phone 8 devices on October 21st. This information comes from several sources linked to both AT&T and Microsoft. Those sources, claimed to be up-to-date on current plans, have revealed the pre-order date to The Verge.

This means thatall Windows Phone 8 devices that have so far been announced to be sold through AT&T will in fact have pre-orders available on said date. The Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Ativ S, and HTC Windows Phone 8X are some of the top tier Windows Phone 8 devices to get in on.

Once pre-orders open up on October 21st, most devices will then release in early November. That’s not too bad of a waiting period, at all. Since we are talking about future Microsoft devices and pre-orders, on October 21st, the following tablets will also be available for pre-order: the Samsung Ativ Smart PC and the Asus Vivo Tab RT. Both tablets will release on October 26th.

While you wait for October 21st to come around, check out the fresh new AT&T page that shows off all the great Windows devices coming soon. The page also offers a sign up option for email updates, alerts, and special offers on all new Windows devices.


  1. luzcall says

    Who in the hell is going to buy this Phone?
    Unless they are going to give it to the customers for FREE while they are waiting for an iPhone 5?
    You have to be stupid to buy this phone .
    Dont tell me you are going to sign up a 2 yr contract on this piece $hh%%%tt?

      • luzcall says

        Thats the truth I fukcing hate windows
        Including their phones
        Piece of shit !! If u don’t an iPhone u are completely retarded !!!

        • Theyorkgroup says

          I can tell from your lack of language skills and your eloquent use of the f word that you must be from N J. This is the reason you are not educated about Microsoft products.

          • luzcall says

            Yea lack of education ?? Hum hum!! That’s why I make $10,000 a month ya rt?
            Don’t give A fuuuccckkk wat u say dude!!

          • says

            I am from NJ but the difference between me and this luzcall person is that I am open minded.  You see I don’t belong to a cult therefore I could care less about Microsoft or apple.  What I will say the only thing the only thing apple has over Microsoft when it comes to mobile devices are the APPs and that’s it.  The IOS is becoming like RIM…old and nothing has changed.  The windows OS on the other hand has enhanced tremendously.  I have tested both the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920…sorry luzcall the iphone 5 doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.  I think this has been by far the worst apple mobile device release.  Funny how the device is released and 1 month later you still cannot get accessories at the apple store.

    • says

      Noone`s forcing you to get anything lol…get whatever the hell phone that you like…

      go wait in a line for two weeks..noone cares…

      better yet, stop inflicting your opinions on the world!…

          • luzcall says

            I buy what I want when I want!
            I everything I own is the top of line
            I achieved lots of success in my life thanks to God!
            Never have to beg any1 in my life and everything i buy is in cash
            My 4 cats paid in cash Acura mdx 2012 paid in cash Acura rl 2010 .. Honda accord 2008 and civic si all paid in cash
            Not only about apple products ..
            It pisses me off when people are clueless ..

    • Dwayne Bozworth says

      I suppose some people will buy the phone.  Myself, I always enjoy looking at the marketing paperwork from Microsoft.  I’ve been collecting it over the years.  They always have photos, of the stock photography flavor, of people smiling, off-center, and in weird poses, not using the technology.

      Maybe someone at Microsoft will get smart, and take a picture of the user interface or perhaps put an android with a laser beam cutting off its head, or some video games, or perhaps a frame of a famous movie, Dirty Harry, on the device, and a famous pose, where he said his famous quote “Feel Lucky, Kid?”.  You know the one…

      I don’t know.  It’s hard to tell what makes the platform unique.  It seems like it’s the design, but who really knows. 

      They say it’s the first “people powered phone”.  I guess that could work.  My iphone is powered by accessories which will have to be replaced if I upgrade to the iPhone 5.  Where’s the crank that I turn to recharge the battery?  Seems like a neat accessory, and I don’t think Apple has that.

  2. Rodge Snyder says

    All the VIRUSES out there which could infect Windows PCs could also infect Windows Phone 8. So STAY OUT OF WINDOWS PHONES.

    • says

      Try getting your facts straight. While WP8 does share the same core as Win8, desktop executables will NOT run on WP without being specifically written for it. Also, WP8 is sandboxed & all apps must be signed with a security certificate for the system to even let them run. MS is the only one that can sign the apps with this cert.

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