AT&T Alerting Customers Not To Install MicroSD in Samsung Focus

While the Samsung Focus is supposed to fully support microSD expansion, now comes word that AT&T is telling employees to in turn tell customers not to install the cards just yet until Microsoft issues a “fix”. There has been some chatter about the reliability of cards and perhaps this fix is intended to address those reliability issues. Since customers have to zero out their data and restore everything, this wait is certainly troublesome to say the least. Of course you could throw caution to the wind, install your microSD and then revert back if things get wonky. Either way, you’re going to have to perform a data restore of some kind if you plan on adding a card sometime down the road.

Perhaps along with this fix we’ll get some clarification on what class cards will work properly.

via Windows Phone Secrets


  1. Doug says

    I bought a Samsung Focus today and installed a Kingston 32gb class 4 micro SD. All 40gb registered (well, 37gb). I’m hoping for the best…

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    That’s good to hear. I ordered a class 2 SanDisk card from Amazon. A few Android users posted comments that it had class 4-like performance. I’m with you, hoping for the best.

  3. Roberto says

    How’s the Kingston working for you? I have mine coming in and plan on installing on the Focus as soon as I get that too.

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