Mark Space Releases Missing Sync Update

Mark/Space has an incremental upgrade to Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. Version 2.5.1 is a free update for owners of version 2.0 and 2.0. This update improves USB performance with certain Windows Mobile 5 devices, including the Motorola Q. It also addresses a connection issue affecting some Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone devices, improves fast syncing of recurring events … [Read more...]

QCaps Beta Released

QoolApps, a new software development group dedicated to making Moto Q software, have released a beta of QCaps. QCaps allows for faster typing of capital letters and alternate characters along with the following features: Easier 1 handed typing Automatically correct over 850 of the most common typographical and grammatical errors Auto Sentence completion with … [Read more...]

AskMeNow Introduces New Application for Motorola Q

AskMeNow today announced the availability of a new AskMeNow application for Motorola Inc.'s new Motorola Q available on the Verizon Wireless network. The handheld application features AskMeNow's ground breaking and proprietary AskMeAnything feature, supported through the company's research and data center in Asia. AskMeAnything allows you to ask virtually any question … [Read more...]

Pocket Light Turns Moto Q Into Flashlight

Armanta's Pocket Light is an new software application that turns your Moto Q's flash into a flashlight. The software is currently at beta 2, so it's anticipated it will be released shortly. Here are the features of Pocket Light for Moto Q: Screen Light: Turns the screen bright white and turns off the screen's backlight timer. The Screen Light, being a softer light … [Read more...]

New Freeware Software From Oxios Frees Up Memory

Oxios, makers of Oxios Memory, have added support for Windows Mobile 5 smartphone and the Moto Q. Oxios Memory 1.40, available as a free download, attempts to release as much memory as possible without damaging the internal state of the Windows Mobile device including the Moto Q. For more information, please visit Oxios. … [Read more...]