Zune Software Update Released, Unrelated To Windows Phone 7 Update

Yesterday, Microsoft pushed a Zune software update which sent up warning flares that perhaps it was a sign that we’d see the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update. According to Zune support, it’s unrelated to the Windows Phone 7 Update.

“It’s a small bug that affects only certain customers – very little was actually changed, and it has to do with Windows Phone device driver level stuff.”

Of course, this is probably someone in low-level support, so we’re still holding out hope that we’ll see the NoDo update in the not so distant future.

via WindowsPhoneSecrets


    • Kappa says

      Dislike what? That Microsoft has no original ideas, that their back engineering, copy cat monopoly is no longer working, That their Marketing Sucks, That they can no longer control their business partners, that they can’t push out the market companies that created a product by giving their low quality product away free and then once there is no competition charge a premium for crappy product?

  1. Paul says

    I think that this is very misleading title. This zune update IS related to windows phone 7 update. Yesterday, Feb 8th microsoft published an article that describes situation when windows phone backup (it is done during update btw.) can freeze the app and workaround is to update zune software. If this isn’t phone related then I do not know what is.
    Clearly microsoft is in the final stages of update testing.

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