Zune Pass Pricing Lowered, Expands to Canada

The Zune Pass is a great product and now it can be had for less, albeit with some pretty major changes. Microsoft today announced that starting on Monday, pricing will be reduced to $9.99 a month, which is roughly $5 cheaper. There have been changes to the number of devices you can use on one Zune Pass, with the new limit set to four. The previous pay model allowed users the ability to download and own 10 songs per month. The new plan will not allow for any free downloads. Once you leave Zune Pass, you’ll leave any non-purchased music behind.

Zune Pass is also now being offered in Canada. Pricing is set at C$9.99 or C$99.90 a year.

It’s a mixed bag. If you felt the pressure of having to find 10 songs to download each month, then you’ll be pleased with the new pricing. If you had no problem finding 10 songs per month, then the previous pricing was likely more economical for you.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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