ZTE Windows Phone 8 devices have a second quarter of 2013 expected release

Although ZTE is busy bringing the ZTE Tania to the US and pushing phones through the FCC, it was clearly missing from the initial manufacturer list for Windows Phone 8 devices. Well, it turns out ZTE was missing from that list because their Windows Phone 8 devices are not launching until the second quarter of 2013.

The information comes from a news article at China-based Suanche.com. The announcement of the ZTE Windows Phone 8 devices was made by ZTE’s very own Kan Yu Lun, deputy general manager and chief technology officer of mobile phone products system. The second quarter 2013 release windows may seem late, but it will actually give ZTE the opportunity to enter the market early in China, with Windows Phone 8 of course. At the moment, the ZTE Windows Phone 8 devices are destined for China, and ZTE plans to primarily serve that market.


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