ZTE Will Produce Windows Phone 7 Devices When Demand Is Appealing

TechRadar attended a ZTE briefing earlier today where Wu Sa, Director of mobile device operations for ZTE UK, provided some insight on ZTE developing for Windows Phone 7. Wu Sa was straight forward and clarified that there should be no doubt about ZTE producing for Windows Phone 7, but that production will come when demand for WP7 is good.

“Our platform strategy is not driven by particular technological development; it’s purely driven by market demand so we cherry-pick technology to support that.” Wu Sa told TechRadar

Wu Sa continued saying that currently ZTE focuses on the Android platform because the market need is good, but they have been closely monitoring Windows Phone 7. At the moment ZTE does not see that same demand with the Windows Phone 7 platform. ZTE is currently the world’s 5th largest handset manufacturer seeing tremendous revenue within the past few years. It would be of great benefit to have ZTE join the ranks of other great manufacturers for Windows Phone 7.

How soon do you think ZTE will finally decide to produce for the WP7 platform? Perhaps when Nokia and other manufacturers release more devices (hopefully) later this year, then ZTE will finally take the bite.


  1. RodneyJ says

    Microsoft needs to run more affective adds in ereas like Dallas Fort Worth, where I live. I used to see quite a few WP7 commercials but they have slowed. I still haven’t seen those new very informative adds that are online on tv here. How are they supposed to pick up sales if they let Apple and Google rule the airwaves?? I bet more people, who are planing on switching from there feature phone to a smart phone, know about the Ipad and don’t have a clue about WP7. There a so many that might choose WP7 if they new about it. But, those manufactuers and developers are going to mis out if they keep waiting. MS needs there advertising as well..

  2. Greg Y says

    Ha ha ha. I like that evasive answer from ZTE.

    That’s like saying it will produce a Windows Phone 7 handset when the cows come home. When there is big demand.

    Not only have ads in Dallas Fort Worth slowed. Everything about Windows Phone 7 has slowed. Even the pace of updates has slowed. Maybe all of Microsoft’s attention is now directed towards Windows 8 which apparently runs on three screens (ie Desktop, Tablet, Phone).

  3. John says

    I have been bombarded with Windows Phone ads this past month. Every TV channel, website and even radio station I listen to is running AT&T Windows phone ads. The NCAA games, CNN, Z100, Drudgereport, etc.

    When MS advertises a product it is incredible, you have to be living under a rock to not have seen a Windows Phone ad this past month.

    I’ve never heard of ZTE before. Do they sell many phones outside of Asia? They have no presence at all in the United States (less than even Nokia).

    • Rodneyj says

      My point is that they need to run more effective ads. Uninformative ads are a waste of money if they don’t show features that would pull someone from Android or IOS. They have some new ads that are great, but I haven’t seen them on TV yet. Not everyone is a nerd like me who spends time searching online for WP7 stuff. I convinced my girlfriend that the platform would receive substantial support, and she purchased a Samsung Focus. She loves it!!!! To bad for MS she doesn’t like to show off the new things she buys.

      These biased sales associates at the stores are the ones living under a rock. Some of them are still telling customers that there’s only 2000 apps available and turning potential buyers off WP7, Really! I heard it at the Att store near my house about a month ago. They don’t know how to sell WP7. MS also needs to make sure they have good representation at the POS. I thought that ATT was MS’s Buddy.

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