Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Game Tentacles Gets Dog Eat Dog DLC And Permanent Price Drop

Not only has the Xbox LIVE game Tentacles recently made it’s DLC content ‘Dog Eat Dog’ available, but has now also received a permanent price drop alongside the Glow Artisan Deal of the Week. Although the price drop of Glow Artisan is only until March 27th, the price drop of Tentacles from $4.99 to $2.99 is permanent.

Tentacles recently made the Dog Eat Dog Expansion DLC available which costs 80 Microsoft Points ($1) through in-app purchase. The downloadable content includes:
• New electrifying gameplay mechanic!
• New enemies to satisfy your appetite!
• 15 levels in brand new worlds!
• 2 new bosses to beat!
• And another chapter in the absurd story of Dr. Phluff!

No new achievements with the DLC expansion. It’s nice to see Microsoft Studios as the publisher of Tentacles taking advantage of in-app purchases, DLC content, and worthy permanent price drops on their Xbox LIVE games. Hopefully a lot more overly expensive Windows Phone Xbox LIVE games get a little more generous, or just stop disappearing from the marketplace all together.

If you were waiting for a good reason to purchase Tentacles besides finding the $4.99 price too steep, no better time than a permanent price drop to $2.99 and in-app DLC content to make that purchase.

Download Link: Tentacles

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