WP7 To Get NFC Payments?

NFC (near field communications, if you want to get fancy) is a technology that’s gaining a lot of momentum right now, and in its simplest application will allow you to pay for things just by waving your phone at them. According to Bloomberg, Windows Phone might be getting the software to run the technology soon.

Microsoft plans to include mobile-payment technology in new versions of its operating system for smartphones as part of an effort to narrow Google Inc.’s lead in handset software, said the people, who asked to remain anonymous because the features aren’t public. The first devices boasting these features may be released this year, the people said.

They have two unnamed sources for this info, which if true could mean a major new feature for Windows Phone 7. NFC requires either handsets with a chip built in, or a special case with an embedded NFC chip in order to function. In addition to being used to pay for purchases, there has been discussion about the technology also functioning as a way of easily exchanging contact information, unlocking your computer, transferring saved settings from computer to computer, and a raft of other uses.

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