Tiger Wireless Offers HTC HD7 On T-Mobile For $9.99


There are plenty of deals at the moment all over the Internet on Windows Phone 7 devices. Here, we have the HTC HD7 for T-Mobile provided by Tiger Wireless (Tigerdirect.com). You can purchase the HTC HD7 for a price of $9.99 for a new T-Mobile account. The purchase also includes free standard shipping via FedEx. The normal value of the HTC HD7 on a new contract is $499.99 so … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Trophy To Launch In June, Go Global?


WPCentral have obtained a fair whack of information about Verizon's entry into the world of Windows Phone 7. According to their sources, the HTC Trophy will be a quad band phone, capable of jumping on networks the world over. You can change band through the settings menu, enabling you to adjust on the fly. Their source says it runs WP7 version 7.0.7355 — which is NoDo, but … [Read more...]

Verizon Takes Windows Phone 7 Support Pages Live

While Verizon hasn't officially unveiled any WP7 handsets yet, I'd consider this iron-clad proof that they're about to put something out. They've uploaded two support pages specific to Windows Phone 7: Troubleshooting problems during software update for Windows Phone 7 and Marketplace tile does not refresh to reflect installation of app updates on .... Both pretty much just … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Trophy Spotted In The Wild

Verizon HTC Trophy

We heard that the first Verizon Windows Phone 7 device would launch in March and now we see an HTC Trophy spotted donning the familiar Verizon branding. This is certainly a good sign for that March release. The device is said to be spec-exact to the European version of the HTC Trophy, save for the branding. It also features the March update that of course includes copy & paste … [Read more...]