Deal of the Week: Need for Speed Undercover on sale for $2.99


Stopping by this week as the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week on the Windows Phone, Need for Speed Undercover is on sale for $2.99. This Deal of the Week sale price will only last until next Tuesday, August 7, 2012. The regular price of Need for Speed Undercover is $4.99, you save $2.00 off with the Deal of the Week which is a great price for this Xbox LIVE game on the Windows … [Read more...]

Pool Pro Online 3 now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


We will cute right to the chase on this week's Xbox LIVE game release for Windows Phone; Pool Pro Online 3 is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It brings real-time multiplayer to the Windows Phone! You can play online, with real-time chat also included, single player, or even pass-and-play Hot Seat Mode. So far, the reception for Pool Pro Online 3 on the … [Read more...]

Deal of the Week: geoDefense on sale for $1.99


The Deal of the Week on Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone this week is geoDefense, until next Tuesday, July 31, 2012. You can purchase the full game for this limited time for only $1.99, that's $1.00 off of the regular $2.99 price. geoDefense does have a sequel already available on the Windows Phone, geoDefense Swarm, as of May 2012. Having a sequel title available, however, does … [Read more...]

Asphalt 5 now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


The popular racing franchise, Asphalt 5, finally makes its way on to the Windows Phone Marketplace with this week's Xbox LIVE release. Featuring 12 locations to shred tires and 30 of the highest end cars to wield, Asphalt 5 promises to be a fun portable racing experience. Asphalt 5 on the Windows Phone is published by Gameloft, as version, and a download size of 108 … [Read more...]

Deal of the Week: Splinter Cell Conviction on sale for $2.99


With Contract Killer now available, along with the surprise release of Lode Runner Classic, it is now time once again for the Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Deal of the Week. This week, we actually see a new game as the Deal of the Week, despite many repeats in the recent months. Until next Tuesday, July 24, 2012, Splinter Cell Conviction is on sale for $2.99. The $2.99 sale price of … [Read more...]