Windows Phone 7 Series Will Not Support Flash, Ballmer Open to Flash


During the Q&A at Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series announcement, the question was posed as to whether Windows Phone 7 Series would support Adobe's Flash. As of now, it does not support Flash, but they did not close the door on offering support. Steve Ballmer jumped in to provide the answer that they are open to the idea. With 7 months or so until the release, we should … [Read more...]

AT&T To Be Premier Launch Partner for Windows Phone 7 Series


In the US, AT&T is the premier partner for Windows Phone 7 Series. According to Steve Ballmer, the goal is to deliver phones by the holiday season. You can expect Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint to have the new phones. Expect a big push from AT&T and one has to wonder if that will coincide with the expiration of their Apple iPhone exclusivity. … [Read more...]

Motorola Not Among Launch Partners for Windows Phone 7 Series


Motorola was once on the forefront of Windows Mobile devices, with their Motorola Q series of Windows Mobile phones. The company shifted their focus to Android phones, with the launch of the Droid and Cliq. While they haven't closed the door on Windows Mobile, they are not among the launch partners for Windows Phone 7 Series. The initial hardware partners include LG, … [Read more...]