LG Might Release First Windows Phone 7 Series Device In September

Microsoft has stated that the first Windows Phone 7 series handsets will start shipping during the holiday season of 2010. Each year, that season gets expanded, so we are not sure exactly what dates to expect the first Windows 7 Phone. Engadget Chinese met with LG officials and they claim a LG branded Windows 7 Phone could ship as early as September, but as late as … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Series and the 3 Chassis’

When Microsoft introduced Windows Phone Series 7, they said phones will be required to meet certain specifications, but they didn't go into detail. Now comes word (via ZDNet) through a Microsoft Australia Developer Evangelist on exactly what the three support Windows Phone chassis will be for Windows Phone Series 7. Chassis 1 is for “big touch screen” phones. These will … [Read more...]

Windows Series 7 Interface, Mystery Phone Leak

Less than an hour away from Microsoft's event at MWC, but it images are coming out from a banner that show the interface for Windows Mobile 7 and a possible new device. The interface shows boxes displaying missed calls, texts and emails. There is also what appears to be Facebook integration in the top right of the interface. The new Windows Series 7 devices appear to have some … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Series Will Not Support Flash, Ballmer Open to Flash

During the Q&A at Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series announcement, the question was posed as to whether Windows Phone 7 Series would support Adobe's Flash. As of now, it does not support Flash, but they did not close the door on offering support. Steve Ballmer jumped in to provide the answer that they are open to the idea. With 7 months or so until the release, we should … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Spotted Running Windows Phone 7


Yesterday's Windows Phone Series 7 announcement was exciting, but it didn't offer up any news on any new hardware. When it comes to WinMo, the best-most-speced-out device we've seen has been the HTC HD2. The very same HTC HD2 was spotted running Windows Phone Series 7. UPDATE: This turned out to be a fake. Sorry folks. This doesn't make it a certainty that we'll see the HTC … [Read more...]