Microsoft Outs Samsung Windows Phone 7 Series Phone

Well, what do we have here? Thanks to an LG phone that was out of juice, we have a glance at an unannounced Samsung phone running Windows Phone 7 Series. No idea on specifications and if it's going to be an actual shipping model. This could just be a prototype. Count on Samsung to be one of the first companies to release a phone running Windows Phone 7. In the meantime, hit up … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Series Ecosystem Very iPhone-like

You've seen the slick UI, seen screenshots of apps, heard about support for Netflix "watch now" and saw an impressive list of developers on board. Everything's good right? Yes and no. It appears Microsoft is hell-bent on creating a consumer experience for "Life Maximizers". What's that mean? It means they are going to control a number of aspects when it comes to the Windows … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series Development Partners Announced

Microsoft is busy today at Mix 10 providing more details on Windows Phone 7 Series. The company has just provided a list of development partners and it's certainly impressive. Check out our gallery of apps that are being developed for Windows Phone 7. Here's the current list of development partners. Clearly, Microsoft is going hard for apps and that's a good sign this early in … [Read more...]

Video: T-Mobile HTC HD2 Unboxing

The HTC HD2 launch event isn't until next week, but if you're reseller like Let's Talk that moves plenty of phones, you get early access to the latest devices. Thankfully, they've gone ahead and given us a very well done unboxing video of the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2. Sure it won't Windows Phone 7, but is that going to stop you from wanting it? via WMPowerUser … [Read more...]

Microsoft Shows Off 3D Games

Microsoft is showing off a pair of 3D games at GDC, but did not allow video or photos during the demonstration. Engadget has all the specifics and Microsoft has released a number of screenshots that give us an idea of what's in store. The game shown here is Harvest, a side-scrolling touch based game, being developed by Luma Arcade. The other game is Battle Punks, being … [Read more...]