Windows Phone 7 working on HTC HD2

This morning brings us photos of Windows 7 Series running on the HTC HD2. It's still early in development, but GPS, Bluetooth are working. Graphic driver issues are causing serious lag. Russian developers plan on releasing a beta. As we are all aware, Windows Phone 7 Series devices aren't planned for release until the "holidays". Looks like Christmas come early for HTC HD2 … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Ad Showcases Life Maximizers

Microsoft's target for their new Windows Mobile 7 Series phones? Life Maximizers. So, if you happen to be a slacker, this phone might not be for you. They've pushed out an ad at Mix10 that curiously looks like the Palm webOS ad. In any event, let us know what you think of Microsoft's new Windows 7 Series advertisement. via TechCrunch … [Read more...]

No Copy and Paste in Windows Phone 7 Series

The headline says it all and leaves us baffled. Engadget confirmed today via a Q&A session at MIX10 that "clipboard operations won't be supported on Windows Phone 7 Series". They are looking at enhancements, but copy & paste won't be a feature that's included in those holiday Windows 7 phones. via Engadget … [Read more...]

Windows 7 Phone Leaked, ROM Cookers Rejoice

It appears that Windows 7 Phone has been leaked in the form of an X86 emulator. In other words, it can be run on a PC. It's unclear if the ROM can be dumped and then prepared to flash devices, say like the HTC HD2. One thing is for sure, if anyone can do it, it's the chaps at XDA Developers. Those interested, this thread at XDA is heating up. If things get promising, … [Read more...]

HTC HD2: No Official Upgrade Path to Windows Phone 7 Series

There has been plenty of speculation both ways, but we've got our second confirmation and this time it comes from Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program. Belfiore says the HTC HD2 is, "not compliant with the Windows Phone 7 Series hardware specifications". Given news about the details of Windows Phone 7 Series, we don't necessarily … [Read more...]