Windows Phone 7 Utilizes Hybrid Windows CE 6, Compact 7 Kernel

Many expected and thought that Windows Phone 7 would be based upon the Windows CE 6 kernel. According to Oliver Block, the platform will actually be based upon Windows Embedded Compact 7 core. Microsoft's official statement claims Windows Phone 7 is built using the latest release of CE6 (version R3). Apparently, they "incorporated innovative features and functionality on top of … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Office Video Shows Off Deep Integration

When you are the company who developed the premier Office suite, you've got a major advantage when bringing it to a mobile platform. Enter Windows Phone 7 and the videos below that show off how tightly integrated Office will be in the new OS. Windows Phone 7 to date has felt very much like an entertainment/social device, but don't let that fool you. It's clear Microsoft is … [Read more...]

Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7 Photos Leak

It's been quiet on the Windows 7 Phone front, but that ends now. Photos have leaked of an upcoming Windows 7 Phone from Dell called the Dell Lightning. They look impressive and the specifications are equally impressive. It looks like Dell is serious about getting back in the smartphone business. Dell Lightning Specs: 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon processor WVGA 4.1-inch … [Read more...]

Microsoft Drops Series, Now Called Windows Phone 7

Count us among the many who never really got the mouthful that is "Windows Phone 7 Series". It was long, confusing and didn't have a ring to it. Thankfully, Microsoft has heard the loud calls and provided a much needed change. As per¬†their official Twitter account, the new devices will simply be known as Windows Phone 7. Simplicity. We love it. Good on you Microsoft. … [Read more...]