Windows Phone Will Get One Major Update Per Year

Nothing real surprising here, but we’ve got some official confirmation on the update schedule of Windows Phone 7 (and Windows Phone 8 when that comes). MobileTechWorld noticed a job posting that indicates the update police for Windows Phone will be “one major update a year, and some unspecified number of minor updates.” The job posting is for a Program Manager, who will be involved in delivering the minor updates. In some aspects, that’s the key part of this story. One major update a year certainly seems reasonable, but the need for smaller updates throughout the calendar year would be seen as a major plus for Windows Phone owners.


Starting with Mango, Microsoft intends to release one major OS revision each year

The Mango release is this year’s major update and the feature set certainly lives up to the billing. It won’t be long before we’re asking for minor updates from Mango. Customers are likely to be fine with a yearly major update, but minor releases would be a major improvement.

MobileTechWorld via ars


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