Windows Phone UI Designer Talks WP7: 31 Days of Metro

One of the most impressive features of Windows Phone 7 happens to be the Metro User Interface. Those of us who have been drawn to the platform really appreciate the simplicity and modern look. It’s one of the most striking and differentiating features in the mobile OS world.


Senior User Experience Designer at Microsoft, Arturo Toledo will be blogging about Metro design for 31 days. Arturo works in the Windows Phone Studio and regularly blogs about user design experiences. As he describes it, “Working for Microsoft is very fun!   In this blog I’ll talk about the Microsoft UX and related stuff world from a *designer* point of view.

If you’ve got a passion for design, want to learn more about designing for WP7, finding out where Windows 8 might take us or just want to read some in-depth information on the UI design methodology for your favorite mobile OS, visit Arturo’s blog to learn more.

Source: WMPoweruser

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