Windows Phone Tango To Be Mango Successor?

Just days after Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to manufacturing, there is already speculation on the next major update. An application titled, Dude Where’s My Update, tracks what version of Windows Phone is running on various phones. Japanese site Nanapho has spotted version 7.10.8200, which some are pegging as the Tango update. Tango is expected to be the release wedged in between Mango and Apollo, the latter being Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone Tango

So, what can you expect from Tango. Nanapho indicates the following could be included in the Tango update:

  • Bing update
  • Bluetooth improvements
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Skype integration
For those keeping score at home, it’s Mango, Tango and then Apollo. Mango is well on it’s way to a fall release.
Source: Nanapho via WMExperts

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