Windows Phone New “Put people first” Campaign

Today’s announcement of the T-Mobile Lumia 710 was significant in that it represents the first announcement of a US launch of a Nokia Windows Phone. If you look closely at the sign-up page at T-Mobile, it appears that Microsoft has a new branding campaign rolling out for Windows Phone. The tagline “Put people first” sits under the Windows Phone logo. It also seems as if they have removed the Mango red from the logo. This tagline is significant in a number of ways. It’s in sharp contrast to most of the Android campaigns, where specs dominate. The tagline really speaks to what Windows Phone is about and that’ the people in your life. Look no further than the ‘People’ tile positioned at the top left of every Windows Phone. Also interesting to note is the move to blue from the Mango colored Windows Phone logos we’ve seen as of late.

Windows Phone Put People First

This is great stuff. Nail meets head. I only hope that advertising campaigns get this message out there, because it’s a winning one.


  1. Jeff Bramwell says

    I typically don’t really care much about logo colors, however, I was never a fan of the red WP logo.  The blue version is much nicer.

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