Windows Phone Mango Not Yet RTM

There have been rumors that Windows Phone Mango has been dubbed RTM, which is short for released to manufacturing. This essentially means the code is locked and OEM’s can start using the OS build on new Windows Phone devices. This is not the case according to Microsoft’s Brandon Watson who shared this humorous tweet late Friday.

Windows Phone Mango RTM

I had a broken watch once…it was right 2x per day. Eventually guesses will be right. No Mango #wp7dev RTM yet…yet

There have been rumors of new phones hitting in September, which would of course require that Microsoft ship the RTM in the not so distant future. Don’t be surprised if Mango updates aren’t released for current phones until after these new phones get shipped. Carriers and OEM’s benefit from having the only devices offering the latest and greatest OS. They could surprise us, but that would be wishful thinking.

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