Windows Phone Forums Insider: Exciting new changes

Our Windows Phone forums are a great place to get help with your new phone, ask questions or share your knowledge with others. Membership is free and registration takes less than a minute, even less using Facebook.

In our weekly Insider feature, we wanted to let you know of some exciting new changes. As some of you may know, our site started years ago as an enthusiast site for Motorola Q owners. We then joined with our sibling site everythingHTC to offer expanded Windows Mobile coverage. With Motorola shifting focus to Android, we underwent a domain change from everythingQ to everythingWM. This was more representative of the site since we had started covering all things Windows Mobile. Now the focus is of course on Windows Phone 7. All of these changes took their toll on the organization of our forum categories and topics. Simply put, it was a complete mess. Thankfully, we’ve made widespread changes that we think our members are really going to enjoy.

Windows Phone forums

So, what’s new?

  • We’ve moved Windows Mobile software and Windows Mobile phones into their own category. We still have all of your Motorola Q forums, but they are now neatly nestled inWindows Mobile Phones.
  • Most of our current readers are naturally interested in Windows Phone 7. So, it made sense to make those categories front and center. There are two main categories that will help get you on your way, Windows Phone for software related discussion and Windows Phone 7 Phones for hardware discussion.
  • There are a handful of phones out now, but we’re planning for the gazillion phones that will be released in the coming years. To help facilitate the incoming phones (and their new forum categories), we are embracing a new hierarchal structure that starts with manufacturer. For example, you can find all Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices in the Samsung forum and all HTC Windows Phone 7 devices in the HTC forum. This also goes for Dell, LG and any new manufacturer.
  • You’ll also notice that we put the forum on a bit of a diet. You won’t even notice some of the forums that have been removed. Some forum categories that aren’t relevant to the 2010 version of eWM have been moved to Archives. The content remains for those looking to access that useful thread they bookmarked in 2007. For us, Archives is the messy closet that we all have. You don’t want to go in there unless necessary.
  • Stickies, those topics that are super important, but no one reads — those are now separated from the general population threads with a bar.
  • There is a new site forum where you can discuss anything related to everythingWM. We really put our thinking caps on when naming this forum and came up with ‘everythingWM‘. You’ll also find our famous how-to-guide videos on how to get the most from all the new forum features we’ve introduced.
  • Finally, things have been spruced up a bit and it’s also snowing.

In other exciting news, this past weekend we celebrated the milestone of breaking 100,000 members. To everyone who has taken the time to join our community over the past years, a big thank you!

To sum up, all the great content is still there. We’ve just made it easier to find content relevant to your needs. We hope you enjoy the changes. If you haven’t yet,  join us and chat about Windows Phone .

The change doesn’t end there. More to come on January 1st to this site and our entire network of forum communities.

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