Windows Phone Developer Blog Gives Insight On ‘Panoramic Control’

Several applications, such as IMDB on the Windows Phone 7, make great use of the panoramic style that the WP7 UI emphasizes. If you’re a developer you’ve probably needed help at some point on how to create such beautiful panoramic applications. For some developers it might be difficult to be so creative, or even have any panoramic result at all. The Windows Phone Developer Blog has posted a lengthy article to help developers with the whole panorama deal. We have a snip from the article below, but if you want more click the source link for the full blog post.

Using background images
Panoramas can have a background image (fixed or updatable) that can help your app to reinforce brand attributes or just add a nicer touch to gain screen appeal. You can achieve this using a texture or pattern that contains brand assets or using photography. In both cases make sure the background gives enough contrast so the text and other assets are readable and not melted with the background image. The image should also be low on noise levels in order to not compete visually with the content.
The examples below are good examples of proper use of background images.

The Windows Phone Developer Blog

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