Windows Phone Blog NoDo Update Status, Or Lack Thereof For AT&T

No surprises here once again ladies and gentlemen; Another week and another lack of an “update status” for those still left in the dust on the NoDo update, all AT&T users. Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering, has published a new short blog post over on the Windows Phone Blog stating there is no new information on the completion of AT&T and their “testing” progress. He continues on to announce a new Update Central page for all troubleshooting and step-by-step instructions on updates released.

More delays, and no new information on why this “testing” is taking so long. Hautala mentions there is no new “update status” but they should at least update the fact that “early April 2011″ is already going and late April doesn’t look so hopeful either. Microsoft needs to really get their act together, and if anything knock some sense into AT&T with the ridiculous delays supposedly “testing” updates. It’s difficult to believe that so many weeks of testing are apparently needed for such a small update.


  1. frank says

    How about you change your title to include ATT since that’s really all this is about.they are the LAST carrier, and they are the problem Can’t you think outside of the US?

  2. says

    Agreed, this is ATT’s problem, not Microsoft’s. My wife’s T-Mobile HD7 has gotten both updates (and has had them for a few weeks), not to mention that a good percentage of people outside the US already have the update. People should trash ATT, not Microsoft – if Microsoft is at fault, it is for being too lenient on carriers.

    • says

      That’s exactly my point, there is no Microsoft bashing. Like mentioned, Microsoft just needs to be like “hey AT&T seriously stop being so laggard and let us get this out already.” You’re right they are too lenient.

  3. Giffy says

    Personally I don’t much care about the update as my phone is working fine for me and I am not missing any of the features it adds, but I know lots of people do. Plus I care about the platform and this is not exactly something that will help make it a success. Updates should not be this convoluted and difficult. MS and ATT need to get their acts together.

  4. Frustrated says

    Sooo frustrating! every day I check and it is still “TESTING”. My “theory” is that every week AT&T stretches this delay brings more customers to IOS and Android. There are still companies that use wm 6.5 (sad, I know) and these devices are being phases out and can not be bought. We need the update to be able to have GAL lookup in Exchange 2003, I can give a crap about cut and paste…….. and when is AT&T going to start selling the HD7s ? they announced it now there is a delay ?????

  5. PhillyX says

    AT&T is notorious for late updates. Its android testing phases (at least in its first set of Android phones) have held up major updates. When the backflip was stuck on 1.6 everyone else was already on 2.1. When 2.1 was finally released, everyone else was moving on to 2.3. Slow slooow.

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