Windows Phone 8 will expand App Hub and Marketplace to more than 180 countries

Recently announced at Microsoft’s TechEd Europe event, the Windows Phone 8 update will also bring in the next generation of Marketplace and App Hub. This next generation of Marketplace and App Hub for the Windows Phone footprint will bring many new features, including the fact that it will all become available to more than 180 countries.

As we announced last week, with Windows Phone 8 we’re dramatically expanding our footprint around the globe. Consumers will be able to browse and download apps in more than 180 countries at launch—roughly three times the 63 markets served today. Developers, meanwhile, will be able to submit apps to those same markets via App Hub, up from 38 markets.

Microsoft has even compiled a list of the exact markets that will receive the new Marketplace/App Hub come release of Windows Phone 8 later this year.

What else will make Marketplace and App Hub more powerful when Windows Phone 8 arrives, besides the tremendous amount of supported countries? Well, Marketplace and App Hub are also going next generation with the Windows Phone 8 update. Marketplace and App Hub have been completely rebuilt from the ground up to release with Windows Phone 8.

You can look forward to faster certification and publishing times, better reporting options, and more—all of which I’ll have much more to say about in future posts.

One tidbit about them that I am disclosing at TechEd: Our new architecture makes it possible for us filter apps based on screen resolution and other key characteristics, helping you better target your audience, thus increasing customer satisfaction and lowering your support costs.

It is great to see Microsoft not just improving the visual aspects of Windows Phone 8, but also content that is most important – Marketplace and App Hub. Expanding the availability of App Hub and Marketplace in countries around the world will help keep up with the availability of actual handsets around the globe.

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