Windows Phone 8 VoIP And Video Chat Support Will Allow Applications To Be Built-in And Run In The Background

There has been plenty of talk about when Skype on the Windows Phone would be updated to run in the background, and if it would also ever be built-in to the Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8 will actually bring VoIP and video chat support to all supported devices. This was announced as a feature of Windows Phone 8, so it seems current devices may not ever see Skype run in the background the same way it will on Windows Phone 8.

The VoIP and video chat support to be included with Windows Phone 8 brings the following specifics:

  1. Incoming VoIP calls feel like any other call
  2. Integrates with built-in phone features
  3. VoIP apps continue to run in the background
  4. Available to all developers

What does it mean for Skype on Windows Phone 8? Not only does it mean Skype will have the ability to be built-in to devices, but it will also run in the background. More importantly, this does not only bring new features to Skype, but the features of VoIP and video chat support listed above will be available to all developers on the Windows Phone. That means all developers will be able to pick and choose if they want their VoIP and video chat features to be built-in, run in the background, and so on.

Hopefully, applications on Windows Phone 7.8 devices, like Skype, will have some ability to also be updated and run in the background or enable built-in phone features in some form.


  1. Rehman Nokia says

    F w7.8 having mot background capabilities, just like my present lumia 800! then fuck ms n Nokia. I’m fed up of this is shit awful phone, don’t waste ur money with w phones

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