Windows Phone 8 Preview Devices Going Around In Australia

It seems Microsoft, or the involved OEMs if anything, have chosen to hide some Windows Phone 8 devices down under in Australia. According to multiple sources at WPDownUnder, there seems to be “credible corroborated information” on at least three OEMs testing out Windows Phone 8 devices in the country.

Who are the big three OEMs hiding out some future devices in Australia? Well, you may just not be very surprised.

Of course, Nokia is the biggest OEM in the Windows Phone 8 preview/testing. Nokia seems to have a Windows Phone 8 device being tested that sticks to the Lumia 800/900 body styling and design. The device is also made of polycarbonate, and sources claim it almost looks identical to current devices. Externals never mean anything with Windows Phone OS for the most part, it’s about the hardware guts inside, which are still hush at the moment. WPDownUnder has their speculation set on a Lumia 800 with front camera, or a direct Lumia 900 Windows Phone 8 device upgrade.

While sources have taken a look at the supposed Nokia Windows Phone 8 device, the other two OEMs apparently involved, Samsung and HTC, have their devices still in hiding. It seems sources have not been able to acquire any information on the supposed Windows Phone 8 Samsung and HTC devices.

Hopefully, the upcoming Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Summit will reveal more on these devices apparently already being tested.

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