Windows Phone 8 Devices Show Up Under T-Mobile And Verizon Speed Tests

Speed test reports with carriers T-Mobile and Verizon show some interesting evidence of future Windows Phone devices. We now know for sure, if necessary, that Windows Phone 8 devices will be available on T-Mobile and Verizon later this year. However, the reports bring plenty more extra goodies to our attention.

Specifically, the devices show up under Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” and under the carriers T-Mobile and Verizon. Also shown in the reports are IEMobile 10 which will evidently become available with the Apollo update, and actual device names (code names in this case). For the Verizon devices that appear in the report, they seem to have a code name of “Qualcomm Fluid.” On the other hand, and more interesting, the devices tested through T-Mobile are under code name “Nokia Fluid.”

Our best bet is that Nokia is obviously going to push out plenty more Windows Phones, that’s expected, but the Qualcomm device will hopefully be a new Samsung or HTC device.


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