Windows Phone 8 build numbers indicate increasing development

It is no surprise to see something that shows Windows Phone 8 is being developed, but the changing build numbers over the course of days indicate all systems are full steam ahead. Professor Thibault has noticed the Windows Phone 8 build numbers are increasing over several days, indicating that plenty of content is still being worked on.

Sample of current build numbers

Windows Phone CE 8.0.9722.0 2012-06-27

Windows Phone CE 8.0.9730.0 2012-07-04

Windows Phone CE 8.0.9735.0 2012-07-06

Thibault made the discovery of the build numbers through Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 virtual machine. The Windows 8 operating system is set to simultaneously release with Windows Phone 8 OS later this year. With that said, Windows 8 is set to release to manufacturers sometime this month, so Windows Phone 8 build numbers are expected to slow down soon. Once build numbers for Windows Phone 8 slow down, it will then most likely become available to manufacturers.


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