Windows Phone 7 Will Not Feature Gyroscope Support Initially

Apple has chosen to offer Gyroscope support with the new iPhone 4 and this is said to offer a number of benefits specific to gaming. Microsoft has made no secret of their intentions to offer up some serious gaming with Windows Phone 7 devices, but gyroscope support will not be included in the initial release. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson indicates that while the early devices will not offer gyroscope support, it might find it’s way into the OS and devices at a later date. When gyroscope support is combined with accelerometer, you can achieve 6-axis motion sensing, allowing for developers to offer a richer gaming experience. While gyroscope support would be nice, it’s not imperative to deliver a great gaming experience. We still expect developers to bring some serious gaming to the Windows Phone 7 platform at launch.

via Ubergizmo


  1. Jethro Rudd says

    There are worse aspects of Windows Phone 7 than the lack of gyroscope support.

    All WP7 phones must include a compass. But none of them will work because the compass API is incomplete, and won’t be finished at launch time.

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    I completely agree. Before the iPhone 4, no one was talking about gyroscope support.

    Where did you hear about the compass API not being finished?


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