Windows Phone 7 Update Due Today, Prepares You For Actual Update

You might see a message today on your Windows Phone advising you of an update. This isn’t NoDo, but rather an update to prepare you for the NoDo update. It’s a relatively small update, but heck it’s exciting to see anything updating, now isn’t? So, what’s in the update?

This first update for Windows Phone is designed to improve the software update process itself. So while it might not sound exciting, it’s still important because it’s paving the way for all future goodie-filled updates to your phone, such as copy and paste or improved Marketplace search.

The update will start today, but it’s a staggered release, so you might not be among the first to receive it. In order to update, you’ll need to connect your Windows Phone to either Zune software or the Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac.

Good news folks. This means that the first real update with copy and paste should be on it’s way shortly. If you get the update, be sure to let us know in the comments or in our Windows Phone forums.

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  1. Tommy says

    Any word that ANY of these updates will actually let us use our big @$$ MicroSD cards we bought at launch?? Still keeping mine in the package, hoping someone will actually pay-out on that “feature” that was supposed to be available shortly after launch.

  2. mike says

    What about flash? When is that rolling out? And please sync up all phones calendars using the live shared calendars. Other than that, killer phones!

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