Windows Phone 7 To Lack HTML5 Support?

At a press event in Germany, Technology Evangelist for Windows Phone Frank Prengal demoed the hybrid Internet Explorer 7/8 browser, praising its smoothness for text scaling, and other features. He mentioned that Flash support only awaited a final version from Adobe, and that that would hopefully be within six months of launch. But what of HTML5, darling of Apple and Google’s entry into the mobile browser field, and fast gaining strength on the desktop? Prengel said there were no concrete plans to add HTML5 support to WP7 — a move which may be problematic, as many major website have switched to HTML5 for their mobile versions, in order to meet the iPhone market.

[, via WMPU]


  1. Henry Tsau says

    We kind of guessed already that there was no HTML5 support in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

    What is really shocking here is that Microsoft said it still has “no concrete plan” whatsoever to add HTML5 in the future.

    This alone will kill Windows Phone 7. Then when you add all the other major shortcomings like lack of C&P and multitasking, you can quickly see that Windows Phone 7 is going to be a non-starter. DOA.

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