Windows Phone 7 To Have Free USB Tethering?

Ooh, chalk this rumor up to something we’d be very, very glad to see. A tweet went up yesterday which has since been pulled, saying:

Official word–Windows Phone 7 will support USB tethering, carriers can NOT charge extra, above the data plan.

However, the guy behind it, Richard Dudley recently pulled the tweet, saying:

Correction to #WP7 tethering–that is not official, may not happen. I misunderstood a discussion. Tweet removed. My apologies.

It may or may not happen, but if it does, that would be absolutely amazing. Hardwired tethering that the carrier wouldn’t be allowed to charge for. Verizon and AT&T would probably have kittens if this went through.

[via WME]


  1. CharlieMason says

    But with every and all telco setting data limits this won’t have a very big impact imo.
    The people that want/need tethering already do so by jailbreaking/modding their current phones.

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