Windows Phone 7 To Go CDMA In First Half Of 2011, Software Update Just Around The Corner

At Microsoft’s big CES announcement yesterday, not too much time was spent on Windows Phone 7, but a few major announcements were made. The first is that an update for WP7 is in the works, and it will bring copy and paste as well as improvements to how fast apps load. This is doubtless the NoDo update we heard about earlier.

The other big piece of news is that Verizon and Sprint will get Windows Phone 7 in the near future. It’ll be after the aforementioned update, but within the first half of 2011. No, that’s not very specific, but at least it’s official confirmation.

[image via Gizmodo]


  1. hysonmb says

    Before yesterday, it was said that it would be in the first quarter of this year. They talked about it last year, shortly after crushing the dreams of us on CDMA networks, and many of us had hopes of release dates being announced yesterday. :( I guess I’d better keep trying to be happy with my Epic.

    • astrocramp says

      I was also hoping beyond all hope of a Jan release for Win7 on Verizon. “1st half of 2011″ is FAR too vague, which to me means it’s not fully baked and more like late Q2 than Q1. They also didn’t note anything about the hardware – would it be a global phone? What manufacturer? With all that uncertainty I guess I’ll have to go with a global droid 2, I can’t get by with my HTC Ozone anymore.

  2. Gary says

    Microsoft is losing the mobile battle. Not having a CDMA device out by now is just pushing more people to Android. Second WP7 was annoucned over a year ago and now a year later phones may be coming to Verizon and Sprint with year old specs! Microsoft is so far behine in the tech world that all it can do now is play catch up. I have been waiting for a WP7 device since February 2010 when it was announced. I have put off upgrading my out of contract phones for WP7 for almos a year. And I am angry I did that, Microsoft lied in February 2010 when they said Verizon would have them at launch, so they are probably lieing now. And if they do come out the hardware is year old plus technology. Why can’t microsoft inovate faster like Apple and Google, Microsoft, Apple and Google own you!

  3. Doug says

    My contract at Verizon is up, and my Samsung Omnia running Windows Mobile 6.1 is really showing its age, but still stacks up nicely against modern Smart Phones. How much longer do we have to wait? Verizon seems to be always last in line for feature rich, modern phones and tablets.

  4. Darrell says

    This is the kind of vague BS I knew was going to happen. WTH does “First Half of 2011″ mean to these guys? As far as we know that could be June 30 for goodness sakes!! As the days turn into weeks I’m inching closer to picking up an Andoid device and abandoning the Microsoft platform altogether. I love my Samsung Intrepid with WM 6.5 but it’s starting to show it’s age and I am ready for something new.

    Hurry up MS and Sprint!! Get your acts together

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