Windows Phone 7 Stencil UI Makes Great Tool For Developers

A few days we mentioned this on Twitter, but it’s worth posting again. UI Stencils has created a Windows Phone 7 Stencil Kit. The stainless stell stencil is precision cut and makes for the ideal tool to complete work on that killer interface, app flow or wireframe. The company co-developed the kit with help from the Windows Phone internal design team at Microsoft.

Windows Phone 7 Stencil

The Windows Phone 7 Stencil Kit retails for only $24.95. It includes the stainless steel stencil, zebra mechanical pencil, plastic protector and 2 UI Stencil stickers. Sounds like a bargain. They’ve got some neat looking Windows Phone sketch pads also, which start at $12.95. If you’ve got a killer app idea for Windows Phone, this selection of accessories should help you with your development.

UI Stencils via @amyrc

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