Windows Phone 7 Series and the 3 Chassis’

When Microsoft introduced Windows Phone Series 7, they said phones will be required to meet certain specifications, but they didn’t go into detail. Now comes word (via ZDNet) through a Microsoft Australia Developer Evangelist on exactly what the three support Windows Phone chassis will be for Windows Phone Series 7.

Chassis 1 is for “big touch screen” phones. These will be touch-only devices, with 1 GHz processor (Snapdragon anyone?) and a dedicated graphics processor. Chassis 1 phones are expected to be among the first batch to land this holiday season.

Chassis 2-compliant phones will support real sliding keyboards plus touch and will be more Palm-Treo-like. There was no “sliding keyboard” on a Treo, so we’re thinking it’ll be more Touch Pro than Treo. If we had our pick, we’d pick a Treo form factor. It’s not clear what Chassis 3 phones will include, but one of the hosts exclaimed they might be candy bar phones.

No word on when Chassis 2 or Chassis 3 phones will ship. We’ve got our eye on Chassis 1 Windows Mobile Series 7 Phones — now say that 3 times real quick.

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