Windows Phone 7 Security Means Hacked HTC HD2 Is Neutered

We’ve previously talked about a hack that would put WP7 onto an existing HTC HD2, but unfortunately there’s a major roadblock to getting it working properly: Microsoft’s PVK security. The people putting together the hack have the OS all up and loaded onto the older handset, and it works fine — with one big exception: nothing cloud based will function. As hacker Cotulla put it over a series of tweets:

We (DFT team) at the end able to run WP7 on our LEOs, most of stuffs are really working: GSM,GPRS,Camera,GSensor,USB,SD,BT,WLAN,etc.

But new “Windows Phone Genuine” doesn’t allow to use any Windows Live services :-( So it’s mostly “Demo” of WP7. No bypass ways are known

it will be released soon, but don’t expect anything from it – without Live services it’s not really usable :-(

No XBox Live, no Zune, no marketplace. This is due to the security feature which is tied to the devices motherboard, and in this case is obviously blocking the ROM from running on an unauthorized device.

I remain hopeful that they’ll figure something out.


  1. says

    well hopefully they will get it done.. I understand Microsoft’s decision on not allowing upgrades from devices that do not meet requirements.. That is what leads to bad impressions of the software. Many do not understand that when new software comes out (OSs) and you upgrade, your hardware needs to be upgraded too.. The OS is moving forward not backwards. They did not develop it for technology that was widely available 2 years ago. They developed it for hardware widely available now and in the near future.

    Chances are if you have an older phone you are eligible for an upgrade anyway, so go pay 199$ and get yourself a brand new phone that will run smoothly.

    • Acid says

      I agree with what your saying , but the HD2 just came out march 25th , 2010 , not 2 years ago……. thats the original release date from tmobile. most folks weren’t able to get ahold of it until late June / early July 2010 truth betold . Before they went on sale they were sold out at T-Mobile.

    • Bob says

      Whats the fun in that? I like to brag to Android users, windows phone users and iphone users that my phone can triple boot windows mobile, windows phone 7 AND android.

    • ACiD says

      The HD2 is not an “old” device. It just came out March 25th , 2010 . It wasn’t widely available until July , 2010 …. It is not really an “old” device… in any way. MY HD2 has a manufacturers date of September , 2010 on the inside back cover. Don’t tell me that its an old device.

  2. says

    At first I was really disappointed with WM6.5 and was really hoping for an upgrade. Once I loaded the Energy ROM, installed dual boot android 2.2 Froyo and custom tweaks at the link below, I wouldn’t move to WP7. I just don’t understand why MS and HTC would put out such a crappy product out-of-the-box when the HD2 has so much potential.

    Energy ROM



    • Rocky says

      Mike-reread Molasses’ post. Phone 7 isn’t crappy-the HD2 as released (with winmo 6.5) was “crappy out of the box.” He loves the HD2, and I suspect he would have loved it with phone 7, as would most HD2 owners.

  3. Danny says

    I would completely agree with you Mike if it weren’t for the fact that the HD7 is an HD2 with WP7 on it. Oh sorry the HD7 actually has a kickstand . That must be it …..

      • Jazz says

        Mike you are wrong. the HD7 and HD2 are pretty much the same phone like danny said. The only problem with WP7 is that MS put the security chip on the motherboard of the HD7 to limit hackers from porting the OS to other phones. its pretty much the same crap except our motherboard doesn’t have the chip that allows WP7 to run without limitation. regardless i’m not that impressed with WP7. its all flash and limited. It reminds me of the iphone (non jailbroken of course)… at least on 6.5 (running energy rom which i love) i can install any app i want and do what the hell i want without being restricted. Who even knows if when WP7 is installed we will be able to still run android? the optimal package would be our hd2 with with android gingerbread and wp7 with all restrictions unlocked. please God! :)

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