Windows Phone 7 Connector For Mac Hacked For ZuneHD

Zune and Macs don’t really tend to play very well together, but with a bit of command line jiggery-pokery, it looks like there’s a workaround now. As always with this sort of thing, you take your device’s life into your own hands. Written up on the AnythingButiPod forum by nate8nate, here’s the trick:

Download the Windows Phone 7 Connector
Open Windows Phone 7 Connector and then quit it to generate preference files. (Quit in the menubar icon, too)
Open the Terminal (if you can’t find it, just type “Terminal” in Spotlight) and copy:
defaults write ZuneEnabled -bool YES
Push [Enter]
Open Windows Phone 7 Connector and…

Pretty straightforward, huh? Though we still don’t know how stable it is, so do be caredul.

[via WMPU]


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