Windows Phone 7 Confirmed To Tether, Needs Carrier Approval [update: turns out it can’t]

Earlier this week we heard a rumor that WP7 might have free USB tethering, which caused us all to jump with joy, until it turned out to be a misunderstanding. What has been confirmed is that WP7 will be able to support tethering, but it will rely on the carrier to enable it. Just like every other smartphone in existence.

Not quite what we were hoping for, a free compulsory service, but hardly unexpected. Free tethering could have been a killer feature, but I guess it isn’t happening. We’re stuck with carrier’s high priced tethering fee.

[via WME]

UPDATE: Microsoft has put out an official retraction, saying that the quote was misspoken. “Windows phone 7 does not support tethering.” Well, that’s a freaking letdown.

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