Windows Phone 7 Comes To Thailand, Sells Out Quickly

According to the Bangkok Post, the Thai launch of Windows Phone 7 was a success, with the only phone available — the HTC HD7 — selling out immediately. It went for 22,900 baht which comes to $760 more or less, with a 799 baht ($26.50) monthly data plan, though initial adopters get a 500 baht per moth discount for the first eight months.

Thailand is only the fifth nation to get WP7, and I believe the only one to use a non-Roman script.  According to current reports, it is possible to type in Thai on the platform, but only using a special HTC app. We assume proper support for the language is coming with the other Asian scripts in the second half of next year.

[via WMPU]


  1. says

    This actually is a little bit disappointing for me. I’m Thai and I’ve been waiting for WP7 devices for quite some times now. The let-down is that DTAC (and most operators in Thailand, actually) doesn’t have 3G network yet (due to the government’s restrictions). Although DTAC has a small coverage of 850 HSPA network in Bangkok, the HD7 doesn’t support this band so I think I have to wait for Samsung Focus or other devices next year.

  2. Redux7 says

    TOT is a better alternative. My current operator is AIS but I will move to they offer a better 3G coverage. Rocking it with my Omnia 7
    BTW as I mentioned before this report misleading. Dtac is notorious for limiting supply to create a buzz…they did it for the iphone 4 and now they are doing it for the HD7

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